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Young woman sitting on a bed with her laptop displaying a UX wallpaper, surrounded by a painting on her right, a muffin on her left, and paintbrushes, evoking a creative and cozy atmosphere


UX Designer. Artist . Baker 

Unleashing creativity, crafting delightful experiences, and leaving lasting impressions. Join me on this exciting journey!

I'm Ashna

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My Projects

Screenshot of CakeStar Cakeshop's homepage redesign displayed on a laptop, featuring a delightful selection of cakes and a user-friendly interface

Website Redesign

Discover the Captivating Journey Behind Cakestar's Website Transformation!

Icing on the Cake

Screenshot of the Nightlife Mobile App homepage showcasing exciting nightlife events and features

Night Life Mobile App

Mobile App Design

Redefining Nightlife Planning for an Unforgettable Experience

Coming soon stock image _edited.jpg

Logo & Website Design

Case study coming soon, stay tuned!

Logo & Web Design

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© Designed by Ashna Monga

UX/UI Designer Canada

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